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Concept and Vision

Jewelry that Radiates Positivity

Designer Miss Nanuka Alstrup believes that everything we do radiates on everyone else and back on us like a giant discoball.

SO... Let´s Radiate Possitivity

The Jewelry is made of smooth, lightweight and radiating acrylics and is The Designer's way of sharing good vibrations.
She wishes to bring sunshine into the hearts of everyone wearing it. 
To emphasisize her sincere and personal message she has handwritten the engraved words in Danish. 
The Sweetheart earrings are marked with the Danish words "Må solen skinne i dit hjerte" (May the sun shine in your Heart)
The Clear Clouds with the words: "Solen skinner bag skyerne" (The sun shines behind the clouds)
The Lovely Loops with the words: "Love makes the world go´ round"
Being a Danish Designer, she has chosen to keep some of the writings in Danish as part of her Design. 
The Radiant nature of the Magical Material makes sure that whomever is wearing the Jewelry, will too, radiate their happy wishes for everyone they pass on their journey.  --Making a Radiant and Positive atmosphere--